Every Vote Counts!


 Rock the vote is aimed at empowering young voters to become involved with the political process through pop culture, peer-to-peer organizing, and the latest technology to raise visibility of politics and demystify the process of registering to vote. There's too much at stake for us to stay on the sidelines, and with the ballot as our strongest tool, we can create the future we want for our families, our communities and ourselves. 

Here are the ways you can get involved:

1. #RocktheVote by registering through APALA using the following link: https://register2.rockthevote.com/?partner=30186
2. Learn more about #RocktheVote.
3. Sign up on our listserv to stay updated about APALA's involvement in the upcoming election.
4. Watch our for our 2016 Voters Guide to see where APALA stands on issues affecting you, your families, and your communities.

But the most important right now thing is to get YOU registered! 

1. Are you registered to vote? Check your voting status HERE!
What forms of identification do I need to register? Check your state's listing HERE!
When is the deadline to register? Check your state's listing HERE!
Got all the information you need? #RocktheVote and REGISTER! The State of the Union NEEDS you! 

APALA Michigan Chapter partners with APIA-Vote Michigan and Asian American Legal Defense & Education Fund to phone bank AAPI voters to urge them to vote in the elections.